A new attack from President Trump against documented immigrants and families with mixed citizenship status:
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President Trump has announced new rules that would allow the government to keep immigrants from settling in the US, or even keep them from extending their stays, if their families had used a broad swath of local, state, or federal social services to which they’re legally entitled.

The expanded list includes
- Food Assistance (SNAP)
- Section 8 Housing Vouchers
- Healthcare services through Medicaid

Before Trump’s “public charge” rule can be finalized, the administration is required by law to review and respond to every unique public comment they receive about the proposed regulation.

We strongly encourage you to edit the text in the comment template and use your own words.

Your comments should explain how taking away the ability to use these public services would harm you, your family, or your community. If you do not want to include any personal information, a friend or representative can submit a comment for you.

*please note "unique" comments are viewed as more valuable by DHS so adding your own voice to the comment can ensure your comment has the greatest possible impact*

Template comment:

I am writing to strongly oppose the Department of Homeland Security’s proposed rule change to "public charge.” The proposed policy will undermine access to essential health, nutrition and other basic needs programs for eligible immigrants and their family members. The fear created by these rules would extend far beyond any individual who may be subject to the “public charge” test and will cause lasting harm to entire communities. By forcing choices no family should have to make, it puts our whole country at risk. Please see attached supporting research on the potential harm this policy change could inflict.

If finalized, the rule would mark a fundamental change from our nation's historic commitment to welcoming immigrants. No longer would we be the country that serves as a beacon for the world’s dreamers and strivers. The proposed policy would radically reshape our legal immigration system, redefine who is “worthy” of being an American, and profoundly alter what we look like as a country. Instead, America’s doors would be open only to the highest bidder.

The Trump Administration should immediately withdraw its proposal and instead advance policies that strengthen—rather than undermine—the ability for our communities to thrive. How you live your life and contribute to your community should define you in this country, not how you look or how much money you have.

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