#OneEngland Workforce Awards - 2019
Thank you for taking the time to nominate and help us recognise the excellent work volunteers do for the sport!

Touch in England is thriving! This is not least due to the efforts of our army of volunteers, who are the backbone to our sport, expending their time and energy in driving our sport onwards.

Our volunteers are everywhere, coaching, refereeing, performing back-office functions, washing kit and everything in between, allowing our players to do what they love at a social, development or competitive level.

The work of volunteers is crucial to all sports, especially an emerging sport such as Touch. Rewarding their efforts is so important and is the reason that our #OneEngland programme has been established to recognise the contribution of these unsung heroes and going forward it will be firmly establishing itself in the annual Touch calendar.

Your data will be stored safely and used in line with England Touch's Data Protection Policy. We will only use it to help us determine the award winners. Your data will not be shared with any third party.

2019 will see nine awards and we are looking for you to nominate in the following categories:
1. Coach of the Year
2. Club of the Year
3. Referee of the Year
4. Volunteer of the Year
5. Sports Achiever of the Year
6. Young leader of the year
7. Inspiring Others Award
8. Unsung Hero
9. Special Recognition

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