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Let's Celebrate OWS 5 Year Anniversary - show where Occupy is still around, and how Occupy processes and tactics are alive and well in many growing movements. We'd like to highlight, coordinate or correlate work being done in racial justice, climate and environmental, prisoner's rights, peace, energy and other movements on our site for the 5 year anniversary of Occupy Wall St. We'll post events from this survey. Submit an article or essay here: http://interoccupy.net/services/submit-to-the-newswire/

An independent, ad-free, all-volunteer communications Occupy working group, Interoccupy (IO) is proud of our 5 years of unglamorous support of the movement. We’re dedicated to continuing our ongoing provision of free conference calls and websites to any grassroots group without a budget that needs them, in service to the burgeoning grassroots movement for social justice. Please support this work by donating here: http://bit.ly/2cpSdeJ

We need you to help make the 5 Yr celebration happen!
Please take a moment to take the survey.
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Happy 5th Anniversary, #occupywallstreet !

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