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  1. Must be 17 years or older to apply.
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What is your cumulative college GPA? If you have not attended college, then give us your cumulative high school GPA. *
How did you hear about SportsTyme? *
Visit the 'Camp Locations' page on our website ( Next, let us know which locations are you applying for. Listing multiple locations increases likelihood of hiring since you're applying for more open positions; however, please only pick locations you're willing to commute to.                                                                             *
Our staff spends a lot of time outdoors during the summer. Temperatures can exceed 90 degrees plus humidity. Are you physically able to perform this job?           *
SportsTyme is a faith-based camp. Are you okay with teaching a Christian-based curriculum?                                 *
Do you have prior experience working with children? This can include paid AND volunteer work. Please explain in detail. *
Do you, or have you played any organized sports? If so, are there any sports you particularly enjoy teaching? *
SportsTyme operates from 7:30am to 6:00pm, Monday-Friday. Please visit our website now to view camp dates for the location(s) you're applying for ( Next, note below the dates you would be unable to work this season. *
How many summers would you be looking to coach assuming you are a good fit? We hire coaches for single summers and multiple summers, so please answer honestly to help us plan accordingly: *
SportsTyme requires all coaches to wear a staff t-shirt. What size are you? *
VERY IMPORTANT SECTION: Please list your references below (we require at least two). Include the name of the individual, their business and their phone number. We WILL be calling them, so make sure it is a direct line if possible. Friends or relatives do not count as references. Managers, bosses, or teachers are what we are looking for, NOT your peers. *
For those who desire to work at SportsTyme, a background check MUST be performed. Have you ever been arrested and/or charged with a crime? (This includes all arrest and charges whether or not they were dismissed, deemed “nolle prosequi” (we shall no longer prosecute), deferred adjudication, or found not guilty.) *
If you answered "yes" to the previous question, please explain in detail, including the date(s) the crime(s) were committed.
(For minors only) Name, address, and telephone number of parent/guardian responsible for you:
Please read the following statement carefully and sign your name below by typing your first and last name: "I hereby release and hold harmless from liability all persons, organizations and other entities concerning my references or information to SportsTyme with regard to me or my background. I hereby release and hold harmless SportsTyme with regard to any decision that is makes on my application." *
Any additional notes can be added here before you submit your application. Otherwise, simply press 'submit' below. Thanks for your interest in our camp!
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