Every player is an important piece of our Kettle Run soccer program. A total commitment from players, coaches, and parents is essential for success. Players should prioritize family and school before soccer, but keep the overall best interest of the team at heart. Players should be a part of this program because they plan to give their greatest effort and commitment to themselves as a player and their team as a teammate; they desire success and competitiveness; and because they love the game.


1. Practices and Games

a. All players must attend practice daily. Practices will be held daily Monday-Friday starting at 3:15 pm. Players need to be prompt in arriving to the field. Warm-up will begin promptly at 3:15pm. Players are encouraged to arrive early to work on individual skills, set situations, etc.
b. REQUIRED Practice Gear: All players are required to wear the following gear to ALL practices unless coaches deem otherwise. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
i. Appropriate footwear – cleats: outside, tennis shoes/indoor shoes: inside
ii. For safety, shinguards and soccer socks MUST be worn at all practices
iii. Players should be prepared for ALL weather conditions daily, regardless of game day. Spring weather is unpredictable and games do get cancelled. Players should have equipment appropriate for both indoor/outdoor conditions.
c. Players are expected to be at ALL games.
i. Only family emergencies, written medical excuses, weddings or funerals, or academic requirements will be considered as an excused absence.
ii. Coaches must be notified PRIOR TO BEING ABSENT FROM AND/OR LATE TO PRACTICES AND/OR GAMES! Should an emergency arise, coaches need to be contacted in more than one way to assure the message is received.
d. Injured players are expected to report to practice and/or the athletic trainer for treatment, as well as, keep up with tactical training, unless told otherwise by the coaches
e. Any player with an unexcused absence from practice will result in that player “sitting” for one half of the next scheduled game
f. Players MUST report their own absence. Please do not ask a teammate to relay a message. The best way to inform the coaches during the day is by text.
g. Three (3) unexcused absences from practice could result in further disciplinary action by the coaches.

2. Misconduct

a. In-school or out-of-school suspension will result in team discipline or possible dismissal from the team
b. Use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (other than medical prescriptions) will result in immediate dismissal
c. Any student athlete found guilty of theft or destruction of property will result in immediate dismissal from the team

3. Sportsmanship and Behavior

a. Players are expected to represent the team and the school with pride and integrity. This includes during school hours, non-school hours, before/after games and practices at our school or other venues. Representing our school and team includes appropriate dress, conduct and language at school and at soccer events.
b. Players are expected to have positive attitudes during practice and games. Respect to teammates, coaches, officials, and opposing teams is mandatory. Disrespect to others during practice and/or games will result in appropriate consequences.
c. VHSL has strict rules regarding game ejections from double yellow and/or direct red card penalties. These penalties result in a one-game suspension (at the minimum).

4. Injuries

a. All injuries must be reported to the COACH and ATHLETIC TRAINER (Coach Campbell) as soon as possible regardless of where injury occurred.

5. Pre-Away Game Meals

a. Players are expected to stay after school and/or arrive back to school at the specified time on away game days – for a pre-game meal and study hall.
b. Players are expected to bring a healthy meal with them prior to the game.

6. Transportation

a. All players are required to travel with the team and coach to away games. Parents wishing to take players home after the game MUST sign their player out prior to leaving.
b. If a parent wishes their daughter to ride home from an away game with another parent, parents must turn a handwritten note into the Athletic Directors prior to the game for approval. It is suggested parents write ONE note for the ENTIRE season.

7. Dual Participation

a. We understand that many players also participate on club soccer teams during the high school season. It is imperative players and parents communicate scheduling conflicts with coaches AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so we can plan accordingly. Our goal is to accommodate these players as best we can without compromising the needs of the Kettle Run program.
b. We understand and acknowledge the strain dual-participation puts on a player. Players and parents should also be aware of this. During the season, players are committed to and juggle a 5-day-a-week schedule of practices and games, along with, club practices and games, academic demands of school, and the social demands of family and friends. We encourage players to find balance and to take time to rest and recover.

8. Parents

a. You are making a commitment to the Kettle Run High School soccer program when you allow your daughter to participate on the team. Your commitment is to support your daughter by monitoring her academic progress and alerting coaches of problems so we can assist in providing academic support, by providing or arranging for timely transportation home after practices and games, and by helping her in understanding and following these regulations throughout the season.

9. Team Participation

a. Practices will include technical team tactics and physical conditioning which will be done vial drills, game-like activities and small-sided games. The practices will be designed to help the player develop physically, mentally, socially, and in soccer skills and knowledge
b. The coaching staff evaluates players on numerous attributes including their speed, strength, endurance, ball skills and composure, tactical awareness, and overall understanding of the game. Coaches also look at a player’s coach-ability, sportsmanship, attitude, work ethic, as well as, willingness to learn and improve.
c. How players interact with one another and coaches is critical to maintaining team chemistry and overall success throughout the season.
d. Playing time is not guaranteed. Playing time is determined by the player’s performance in practices and games, as well as team needs and game situations. The players whom the coaches determine are most effective will start and play the most. With that said, our goal is to play everyone, each game. Any player that makes the team and practices every day deserves the opportunity to play in the games.
e. Any player with a concern is encouraged to speak with the coaching staff. The coaching staff WILL NOT speak to parents about concerns with playing time before or after games. Any Varsity parent with a concern may contact Head Coach Zuras while Junior Varsity parents should contact Coach William Brummett by email ( ( to set up an appropriate time to meet.

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