Connect The Dots Recommendation

With this survey, we are evaluating a new people recommender system based on your Scoop.IT pages.
In the following pages, we have 8 recommended people for you.

Some Scoop.IT terminology you might need:
- the curator of the page is the person who manages the Scoop.IT page
- a scoop is a link that has been added by a curator, including the comments added by the curator and others.
- an insight is a comment added by the curator to a scooped link, offering some contextual information about the content of the link.
- the Scoop.IT feed is the list of scoops made by the curator
- items on the feed are the links added to the page,

Throughout the survey, we are mimicking a Scoop.IT browsing experience. So we are more interested in your first impressions of a Scoop.IT feed than an in-depth evaluation of the links provided. In this survey, we would like to ask you to:

FIRST: read the scoops by the curator of the feed, asking yourself whether this person is someone who could be an interesting professional contact (member of your social media network). You can browse through the links given for each scoop if you want to, but remember not to spend too much time on this and to come back to the survey! :)

THEN: answer the questions at the bottom of the page to indicate the extent to which the topic of the feed matches your interests and the extent to which you would like to engage with the person recommended to you.

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.

This survey is part of an experiment conducted at the Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies at the Open Universiteit (NL). For more information about the experiment, please contact Kamakshi Rajagopal (

Disclaimer: All names used in this survey have been anonymised. Any personal information shared in this survey will be treated confidentially. It will not be shared with any third parties.

Thank you for your participation!!!