HONK!TX 2017 Housing Questionnaire
First of all, THANK YOU for offering up your home to our musical guests from afar! This festival would not be possible without your support. Thanks to generous volunteers like you, we are celebrating our 7th year of HONKing in Austin! This year, HONK!TX runs from Friday, March 31st through Sunday, April 2nd. However, please be mindful that many musicians will be arriving as early as Thursday (and in some rarer cases, Wednesday) and may stay as late as the Monday after HONK!TX.

If you are a returning host (that is, you hosted in previous years), please make sure to fill out the last question on the form!

THIS FORM DOES NOT COMMIT YOU TO HOSTING ANYONE. It simply lets us know that you are available to be a band host. Depending on our needs (which change from year to year) you may or may not be selected to host musicians.

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Phone number *
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Physical Address *
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Locale / Neighborhood *
Please name what part of town you are in, and/or the nearest major intersection
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Available space - includes Floor Space *
Please give us a short description of the space available (are there spare beds/bedrooms? sofas? hideaways? inflatable mattresses? hammocks? yard space for tents? how many bathrooms? etc.) Floor space counts, as many bands prefer housing together and are willing to cram into any available space to avoid being split among multiple houses.
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Which of these best describes your available space? *
Bands, which range from 7 to 30 members, will cozy up close if it means they can stay near each other - this is not always an option, but let us know which of these best fits your offering:
Dates available *
Which nights is your home available to host guests? Some bands arrive early and/or stay a little after our event, please let us know if you're willing to host for longer in the "other" field by listing which days.
Smoking? *
Pets? *
Some musicians have pet allergies - please list number and type of pets here. Or 'none' if you have none.
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Household style - check all that apply *
The bands of HONK come in many shapes and forms, and we want to try to match each group with a host that best fits their living style and needs. How would you generally describe your home? (clean/cluttered, quiet/noisy, early bird/all-nighter, etc.)
Transportation - please check all that apply *
Would you be willing to provide some transportation for your guests to and from the airport and HONK!TX events? It's not required but it helps if you can.
Any other specific requests? *
Here's where you put "not 420 friendly" or "no smokers allowed" or "please can I host a sexy sousaphone player?"
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Have you ever hosted in a previous year? *
If you hosted, what band / how many stayed with you? Do you want to host them again or would you like someone different?
**Note, we cannot guarantee housing assignments, but we can consider preferences!**
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Demographics: How did you hear about hosting?
We're curious how you found out
Now that you've filled this out, would you please take a moment to share this form with someone you know and trust, and might be a great host? Extra points if you share this with other folks on your street or in your nearby community!
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