Questionnaire for proficiency of ICT in Music Education
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Do you have a computer at home? *
For what purpose do you use the computer? *
Do you use the internet? *
If you use internet, for what purpose do you use it? *
Do you know how to use the Control Panel on your computer? *
Do you know file and directory (folder) editing? *
Could you send a file by e-mail? *
Do you know the concept of cloud storage? *
Have you used cloud storage before? *
Can you share the information you store with others?
Are you able to shrink and send large files that do not fit in e-mail?
Are you interested in music? *
At what level are you interested in music?Please specify.(Give answer if you answered the previous question positively)
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Do you know how to read music notes?
Can you do solfege?
How do you work a musical piece you do not know?(Please specify)
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Do you know a notation program? If yes please specify. *
Did you do a composition trial? *
Would you like to make a composition? *
Would you like to listen to your notes, your compositions, with different instruments? *
Would you like to share your composition trials with others? *
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