Champlain College Eco-Reps Application || Spring 2019
We are now accepting applications for the student Eco-Reps Program. Please complete the application below, which includes providing short answer responses to questions, and for those with a resume, a place to include a link to your resume. The application itself should only take around 20-30 minutes (not counting updating your resume).

The Eco-Reps Program trains student leaders who model and promote environmentally responsible behaviors in the residence halls by educating their peers. See full job description:

Students must
* live in a Champlain College residence hall
* be available for a group information session and interview on Monday, September 10th at 3:30pm in Alumni Auditorium (Fall semester only)
* Spring applicants - sign up for a brief interview during Finals week (schedule TBA)
* be available for Monday meetings (3:30-5pm)
* be available our training on Saturday, September 15, 2018 (Fall semester only)

The deadline for the Spring Eco-Reps positions is Monday, December 3rd, 2018. Please direct any questions to

1. We will contact the Champlain College Conduct Office to ensure that those we wish to hire have not been found to have serious disciplinary issues.
2. For you to be hired by the College you will need to bring an I-9 approved form of identification (Suggested IDs: current passport OR, Student ID OR Driver’s License AND your original, signed Social Security card OR original birth certificate). See more here: You will not be able to be paid until you bring these documents to the Enrollment Services Center in Perry Hall. It is best to bring these documents with you when you come to campus. You can always securely mail them back home with a return receipt requested.

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The Eco-Reps Program seeks motivated individuals who can work both collaboratively and independently and see projects through to completion. Please describe a situation from your past that shows your ability to work in these ways. *
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The Eco-Reps Program is dedicated to promoting environmentally and/or socially responsible behaviors. What do these terms mean to you and how do you see yourself using these concepts in the work you do as an Eco-Rep? *
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Please share a link where we can view a current copy of your resume. For example, a shareable link via Google Drive. **Optional for first year students who may not yet have a resume**
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Please list two references with their contact information. Ideally one of these individuals should have an association with Champlain College (unless you are new to Champlain). References should not be family members or friends, but rather, faculty members, employers, volunteer supervisors, student leaders etc. *
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