Dragon Buddies
E-learning is much less daunting when faced as a team. We would like to pair up all interested Dragons to provide a little personal support during the coming weeks. To help us find an appropriate assignment, please fill out this form. Your information will be used only to facilitate an e-learning pairing. We will do our best to match each submission with someone from their grade-level, but whether or whether or not that is possible depends on the responses that we get.

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To allow us to find good matches, it's important for us to know a little bit of what you're hoping to get out of this connection. Whether you feel like the queen of homeschooling and believe that you have more to teach than to learn, or whether you feel stressed out and do not want to take on any more responsibility; there will be absolutely no judgment, but we want to take this into account when forming the pairs so everybody gets the most out of it.

Our plan is that dragon buddies would keep in touch about weekly, to provide help with e-learning and exchange ideas, and possibly share some books or learning materials. If you do share materials, we recommend that you set them aside for three days anytime they change households, as this is how long coronavirus may survive on hard surfaces. As for checking in and staying connected, please let us know what forms of contact you would feel comfortable with, and what type of connection you are looking for.
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