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Contest Details and Instructions
Awards are given to high school students who have demonstrated excellence in world language study and service/leadership within their school.
Criteria for Past Presidents’ Award
1. Student must be a senior in high school who has completed the last sequence of that language.
2. Student must have studied a world language for a minimum of three sequential levels (Spanish I, II, III, for example). The only exception will be for students who study a critical language which has a program of only two years in scope (Chinese Language I, Chinese II, for example).
3. Student must be planning to continue world language study at the college level.
4. Student must have achieved a 90% average in the world language over the 3+ years of study.
5. Student must have demonstrated service to or leadership within the department, school and/or community. Some examples are language club officer, tutor, etc.
6. Student must be able to articulate in an essay of 250 words the importance of world language study. This topic may be treated either globally or personally. Some examples are:
i.The Importance of World Language Study in Today’s Changing World
ii.The Importance of World Language Study in My Life
7. Nominating teacher must be a member of MaFLA. Only ONE candidate per school should be submitted for consideration.

Application Must Be Submitted with PDF of the following:
1. Official high school student transcript (including first semester grades for current academic year)
2. Student essay of not more than 250 words on the importance of foreign language study (in English, please)
3. A single page letter of support from the nominating teacher which should include evidence of student’s leadership/service
to department, school and/or community.
4. A signed statement from the student indicating his/her intention to continue foreign language studies in college
MaFLA awards up to 4 awards of $500.00 annually in honor of our past presidents.

Winners will be honored at the MaFLA Conference.

All entrants will receive a notification of nomination and a letter of appreciation In addition, letters of appreciation will be sent to the principal and superintendent of participating schools.

Winners will be posted on

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