HHC Return to In Person Worship Volunteer Request
HHC Families, as we approach our return to in person worship services, the church leadership has identified a few areas in which we will need workers/volunteers to help facilitate our effort to provide a safe environment for all to participate in our Sunday AM Worship services.

At this time, HHC is requesting that all high-risk persons continue to watch our worship services via our livestream options.

Understanding that during this pandemic we are all at risk on some level, when considering to volunteer, we ask that those persons in the lowest risk categories offer to serve during this time. As a reminder, the CDC says that as we age, our risk factors increase (i.e those in their 50's would be at greater risk than those in their 40's). Another group at increased risk would those with pre-existing medical conditions. Finally those persons whose job requires greater interaction with the general population would be at greater risk than those
who are able to work in a more isolated environment.

Below are roles leadership has identified we must fill in order to return to in-person worship. Your email address is being requested as we will be scheduling our volunteers to work through a software program called "Planning Center". Andy and Amy Carter will be available to assist with the use of this software.

Temperature Screener/Roll Tracking (2 needed each service): This job will occur outside under the portico. The volunteer will be on their feet and moving for the duration of their shift. Volunteer would need to be ready to begin work by 10am and available to remain in place thru the end of the worship service. You will be the first persons to come in contact with members of our congregation as they come onto the campus. Each member of the congregation will need to have their temperature taken, provide answers to 2-3 screening questions and provide a list of names of who is in their car that will be entering the building. You will be responsible for informing anyone with an elevated temperature or who provide affirmative responses to any question that they will not be permitted to join us for in-person worship that service. Additionally, it will be your responsibility to remind all persons that masks must be worn at all times when in the building. Anyone who does not have a mask may pick one up on the way in the building.

Foyer Greeter (2 ): This job will occur in the foyer of HHC with one person at each entrance to the sanctuary. These volunteers will need to be in place and ready to serve no later than 10am on Sunday morning and should plan to remain in place until the end of the worship service. This volunteer should plan to be standing during their shift. Your role will be to ensure a) all persons have on a mask, b) all persons move from the entrance directly to a seat in the sanctuary (no congregating or sitting in the foyer), and c) welcoming everyone to HHC and thanking for the wearing of a mask and following our return to worship guidelines.

Sanctuary Usher (2): This job will occur in the sanctuary at HHC with one person in each aisle of the sanctuary. These volunteers will need to be in place and ready to serve no later than 10am on Sunday morning and should plan to remain in place until the end of the worship service. These volunteers should plan to be standing and moving/walking for most of their shift. Your role will be to ensure a) persons/families move into the sanctuary and directly to a seat, b) all persons/families observe social distancing of at least 6 ft in the sanctuary at all times, c) all persons are wearing a mask and d) help facilitate dismissal at the end of the service.

Traffic Control (2): This job will occur fully outside in the parking lot (playground side of HHC). You will be needed to serve beginning at 10am and serve until all persons have been dismissed from the sanctuary at the end of the service. You will be provided a "traffic pattern" for beginning and ending of service. Essentially, at the beginning of the service, all cars must drive thru the portico area before parking. At the end of the service, you will assist as persons are systematically dismissed to ensure we continue to observe social distancing. To be clear, given our flow chart for the end of service, you biggest role will be to help facilitate an area where we will have foot traffic and car traffic at the same time.

Volunteers will be required to go through a quick training with Dr. Morris (or his designee) prior to being able to serve.

Persons currently serving in music (praise team/band) or media ministry would not be able to serve in any of these capacities due to overlap in time needed to serve. Conversely, those who generally serve in our Sunday School, Children's Church, Nursery, Greeter, or Usher ministries would be available to assist in these areas as these ministries have been suspended for an indefinite period of time. Those members who serve on our security team will still be utilized in this capacity, but are able to dual-serve in the capacity of Foyer Greeter.

Thanks in advance for your assistance in our return to in- person worship.
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