Smart Cities / TMT 3 / TTI
This survey is looking at future deployment and usage of smart city related technology. A large amount of smart cities technology which will be used by the public in the future will be placed in and around our transport network.
Smart Cities
This section is help us understand what is perception and understanding of a smart city.
Q1 What does the term ”smart city” mean to you ? *
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Q2 In the next 5 years, how likely do you think it is that you will be deploying or supplying technology for a smart city? *
Not likely
Be core approach
Q3 What do you consider NOT to be smart city technology ?
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Q4 Who do you think will be the main funders of smart cities? i.e. who's going to pay for them *
Not involved
Central Government
Local Government
Private Company Investment
Crowd Funding
Transport Organisations (National / Local ie TfN, TFL etc)
Q5 Is “smart technology” used instead of the word “innovation” when describing a good or service? *
Q6 Is "smart" just a new marketing term? *
Q7 Any other detail in relationship to Smart Cities you would like to share.
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