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Healing from sexual & relationship violence can be a unique and empowering experience that can happen through different ways. The Empowerment & Healing Series at the UC Riverside CARE Office strives to create spaces where survivors who have experienced trauma can find support, connection, and community. After experiencing sexual & relationship violence many people may feel depressed, angry, be anxious all the time, scared, they may experience self-blame and guilt, feelings of not being able to trust people and may experience flashbacks and nightmares among other social, physical, emotional and spiritual impacts. Some survivors may experience feelings of being alone, isolated, have difficulty concentrating or focusing in class and may not be able to sleep.

CARE helps develop, co-sponsor and/or promote campus programs that can provides survivors opportunities to explore ways of healing, safety and support. These programs may provide a space to process, learn coping skills in how to manage some of these feelings as well as connect survivors to a community across campus. We welcome survivors of all genders.

Look for our Empowerment & Healing Series logo on flyers, posters or emails to find out more opportunities about healing.

This eight-week yoga series for survivors of sexual trauma explores re-connection to the mind and body. This program provides survivors of sexual violence a means to connect to their bodies and allows them to explore the benefits of mindfulness, guided practice and meditation. Students must submit an application to participate in the yoga series. Led by Aurea Victoria, Yoga as Healing Yoga Instructor with support from CARE Advocates.

•Fall 2018 class full but currently taking applications for Winter 2018 (January-February)! CURRENT WAITLIST

• We are hoping to schedule some healing yoga sessions during week 5 & 8 (hoping to prepare students to go back home for Fall Holiday) open to all returning students of the yoga program and survivors interested in connecting with other survivors wanting to learn more about healing yoga. If you think you would be interested in attending, or bringing some friends along, we are starting an interest list.

These programs explore healing through the power of art activism and personal artistic expression. If you don't have the need to talk about what's happening, art can be helpful in processing emotions, thoughts and feelings. This will be a very small informal setting, to connect and make art with other survivors. Andrea Saavedra-Metoyer from CAPs will be facilitating this space with support from CARE Advocates.
•Week 2: Thursday, October 12th 3:30-4:30pm
•Week 4: Thursday, October 26th 3:30-4:30pm
•Week 6: Thursday, November 9th 3:30-4:30pm
•Week 10: Thursday, December 7th 3:30-4:30pm

These programs explore healing through horticulture and gardening—the practice of planting, cultivating and growing plant systems through community. Involvement with nature, whether experienced in the “wilderness” or a nearby community garden, can reduce stress, anxiety and increase an overall sense of well-being. Partnering with UCR’s R’ Garden, survivors will be able to connect with one another, plant seeds, harvest free fresh food and vegetables in our garden and be guided through exercises while discussing community healing practices in our very own community garden. Other workshops will be focusing on resiliency and succulent planting and more! Facilitated by Fortino Morales III , R’ Garden Coordinator and a CARE Advocate.
•Week 3: Wednesday, 18th, 4-5:30pm
•Winter Quarter: Resiliency: Succulent Planting

For those seeking individual or group support, these sessions will provide tools for how to express and process difficult emotions, and develop self-compassion and self-care strategies. Sessions are free and confidential, facilitated by Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS).

•If you're a woman-identified UCR student who has experience sexual assault, you're invited to join us for one of two therapy groups:
o Soul Speak is a 10-week group for those who experienced sexual assault as an adult.
o Voices of Hope is a 10-week group for those who experienced it as a child.
CAPS is currently working on offering group support for male-identified sexual assault survivors and gender-non-conforming sexual assault survivors. Please call CAPS at (951) 827-5531 for more information on these programs or to schedule an intake assessment.

An inclusive, empowerment-based quarterly program facilitated by Get Safe that focuses on self-defense strategies and discussions on practicing assertion skills, safety awareness, and empowerment.

•We will be scheduling some of these sessions soon, Women’s Resource Center and the Student Recreations Center also facilitate various types of self-defense workshops and we will make sure to provide more information soon!

We are in the process of scheduling more Empowerment & Healing Programs and will be providing some helpful, creative fidget toys and giveaways in these spaces!

We invite you to join us to begin and or continue to explore healing, connection and a community of support here at UC Riverside. Contact us for information regarding these programs at advocate@ucr.edu or call 951.827.5669 or fill out the form below to be contacted by a CARE Advocate and participate in the sessions below:

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