Navarre Raider Band Leadership Application
The deadline to complete the application is Friday, May 14th., 2021at 6:00 p.m. Your submission is time stamped automatically and any application received after 6:00 p.m. will not be accepted.
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Please list all positions held and all ensembles participated in. Also, include all honor bands, summer camps and music activities outside of our program that you have attended. Include Solo and Ensemble as well.
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Describe schedule conflicts (jobs, other commitments, etc.) that you may encounter and how you plan to handle them. *
By submitting this application, you agree to the following. If selected, I understand that I will be expected to attend all rehearsals and performances, come early, and stay late. Further, I am aware that there will be numerous times over the school year in which I will participate in managerial tasks for the program that requires an additional time commitment. I know that I will be held to a higher standard of performance and behavior and will support the band staff at all times. Depending on how you feel about the statement above, please choose the appropriate answer below and hit submit. Good Luck! barrow- *
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