Summer One Shots
Because GEAS will be running on-line, pitches for games will take place digitally. We will need GMs to submit their games at least 24 hours in advance of the pitches so that we can publish an on-line listing of available games and prepare the relevant channels on the Discord Server.

All GMs will be given their own text and voice channel as well as moderator access for their game. They will also be able to use the dice bots. If you need anything else, please feel free to let us know.

This form is for GMs to register the games they will be pitching.

The deadline to receive game submissions is 6 pm on FRIDAY, JULY 30th.

Once we have received the GM submissions, we will post the list of games on our web site in advance. This is for information only: sign-ups will still take place after GMs have pitched their games live.

In this form, you will need to provide your name and email address. We will hold this information in an encrypted Google Drive accessible by the Committee until the end of this academic year, at which point it will be expunged securely. The Committee will use your email address to contact you. Note: your contact details will NOT be posted on-line or shared with anyone else.
Email Address *
Name *
Discord Handle *
Name of Game *
Spaces Available *
How many spaces do you have in your game?
System *
What system will your game be using?
Short Description *
Please provide a short (max 150 words) description of your game so players can know what they are signing up for. Please remember to include things like tone, setting, genre, themes, or any other details you might find relevant.
How? *
Will it be voice-only or with video? Will you be using other tools like Roll20, etc?
Is there anything you need GEAS to provide for your game?
For example, additional text channels, custom bots, etc?
Age Rating *
If you were to use the BBFC's age rating system, what rating do you want to set for the game? Players will be expected to abide by the age rating that you set. For more information, look up the BBFC web site on what the classifications mean:
Content Advisories *
Are there any particular kinds of content or themes that you think might come up which you want to flag up for your players? Are there any themes or content that you would prefer your players avoided?
GEAS Safety Policy *
Geas expects all games that are run at the Society to abide by the Society's Game Safety Policy. We ask all our GMs to read and familiarise themselves with our Game Safety Policy, available on-line at
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