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Thank you for your interest! At Paperspace we are working to build out a new community resource to help people learn more about ML and related topics. We want to provide a valuable platform and combine that with the tools and resources needed to develop and run complex machine learning applications in the cloud.

Apply to become a Paperspace community author by submitting a writing sample below, then work with our community managers to hone your writing, get published in our rich knowledge base, and get paid for your time.

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Guidelines and structure for technical writing:

* be clear, well thought-out, and free of technical errors
* be informative: the goal is for our readers is to learn, not just copy and paste.
* use a friendly but formal voice - use the first person plural (e.g. "We will do this...) or second person (e.g. "You will create a...").
* avoid jargon, memes, and excessive jokes
* be self-contained: avoid sending readers to too many external resources if something can be explained within the article.
* Where helpful, show how this can be done on Paperspace

For the final product:

* include all code snippets / screenshots / graphs / etc in (.png format)
* use correct spelling & grammar
* deliver in markdown format

We will pay you once the work is complete (satisfies above requirements) even if it doesn't get published immediately.

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