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We are creating a "reparations database" to help transfer land, money, training, and resources to frontlines farmer-activists. Please describe your project and your specific needs (how many dollars, acres, etc.)
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This will determine the location of your pin on the map, so indicate the location of your project even if its not your current residence. (NOTE that for privacy reasons you may choose to locate your pin in the general area of your project and not at your precise address.)
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List your preferred website, email, phone number, snail mail or other contact information so people with resources can reach out to you to support your project. (NOTE that for security reasons you may decide to only list your website as opposed to your personal contact information)
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Write a paragraph explaining your project and your SPECIFIC needs and rationale, e.g. "We are a Black family with 10 years of farming experience in need of 15-30 acres of land in North Carolina to start a pick your own berry operation."
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Please include a link to the website for this project (if applicable.)
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Note that this database is designed primarily for graduates of Soul Fire Farm's Black Latinx Farmers Immersion, members of the Northeast Farmers of Color network, or National Black Food and Justice Alliance, though other farmers of color can apply to be included. Please provide a reference if we do not know you through these networks.
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What are the races/ethnicities of the leadership of this project?
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Should your project be funded, would you like to receive those contributions directly?
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