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Names & Attendees
Please note: each Creature Connection visit is limited to six people. The number is limited to six so that we do not overwhelm the zoo animals and also due to limited space available in some of the behind the scenes locations.
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A minimum of one adult must accompany the patient.
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We will only use this cell number if our staff have trouble finding you on the day of your Creature Connection visit.
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Car + Meet up location
A Pets for Patient staff member meets each patient/family in the main circle at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (3333 Burnett Ave) at 3:45pm on the day of the visit. The family will then follow the Pets for Patients staff member in their own car to the Education Center at the Cincinnati Zoo. We do this since many families are unfamiliar with the location and entrance for the Education Center.
Car - Make, Model, Color. *
We need your make, model and color of the car your family will be driving so our staff can easily find you at the main circle at CCHMC.
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Accommodations *
Please check all that apply. Please use the other box to elaborate on any specific needs or accommodations you might need. It is important to us that we tailor this visit to the needs of the patient and family.
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Zoo Animals
The purpose of Creature Connection is to provide a patient and their family with a unique, once in a lifetime behind the scenes encounters with animals at the Cincinnati Zoo. It is important to us that we take into account preferences of the patient and family when considering animals.

The Cincinnati Zoo gives animals a choice to participate in an encounter or not. We will do our best to accommodate preferences but cannot guarantee any particular animal will be accessible for a behind the scenes encounter.
Zoo Animals we would LOVE to meet: *
Please check all the apply. If you have an absolute favorite please specify in the "other" box.
Zoo Animals we would NOT like to meet: *
Please check all the apply. If animals you are afraid of or would not like to meet are not listed, please specify in the "other" box.
Rules for Behind the Scenes Tours *
Please check ALL to show you have read the rules of the behind the scenes tour
After your behind the scenes visit
Patients and their family are welcome to stay at the zoo until it is open and explore all of the animals in exhibit for the public after the behind the scenes visit is complete. Please note, zoo hours change seasonally. Go to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens website for more information:
We are looking forward to seeing you at your Creature Connection visit!
Creature Connection is brought to you by the Cincinnati Zoo, Pets for Patients, and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.
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