Please read the following rules:
Please read below. 

1. This forum is for dues-paying members and lifetime members of the Sam Houston Chapter of the Texas Association for Play Therapy. Individuals in the discord who are dues-paying members will be asked to update their membership or will be removed from the forum. 

 2. This forum is appropriate for connecting with other members, requesting resources, sharing resources, promoting trainings, and sharing job opportunities. 

 3. Do not post client details, client photos, and/or client artwork. 4. This forum, while more secure than other online platforms, is not HIPAA compliant. 

 5. This forum is not appropriate for case consultation. Please utilize Sam Houston Chapter case consultation groups if you need to share more detailed cases. 

 6. Please use assertive and effective communication in this space (i.e. be civil). 

 7. Please allow the board to assess the ethics of content posted and rules that are broken. You can private message any individual on the board if you are concerned about another individual's content. 

 8. Please be open to difference of opinion. Difference of opinion does not mean rule breaking. 

 9. All members in this group forum are expected to understand and abide by the rules set forth. Admins of the group will delete content unfit for this space and provide a warning in a private message. If repeated violations occur, the member will be removed from the group and possibly reported to their licensing board. 

 10. Rules are subject to change as the Board sees fit. We will try to announce changes, but sometimes there will be things that will be brought forth that will result in immediate consequences. Please be willing to be flexible as we ebb and flow in this new space. 

 11. Meet new people, share your knowledge, have fun, and always remember to play. 

I understand that the submission of this document indicates acceptance of the above rules.
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