Wild Craft Play 'sCool has 3 questions for Nature-Based Community Leaders
We are on a mission to connect children to their Nature in Central Vancouver Island, will you kindly take 5 minutes to answer 3 questions? We would love to hear from you. If you take the next 5 minutes to answer these questions, your effort will be a great support for our cause. Thank you for your time!
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When it comes to connecting children to nature, what is the SINGLE BIGGEST challenge you face? Please be specific. If your first thought is "it's too risky" or "funding" take a moment to dig deeper and share fully what stops you, or people that you know from connecting children to nature.
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Thank you for your time! We share our stories with a semi-regular email filled with updates, pictures, videos, resources and tools to connect children to nature. Type "ADD ME" {then leave your first and last name and email address} to join the movement.
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These are our youth, in their Nature. (a product of youth in Drawn by Nature - from Wild Craft play 'sCool)
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