2020 UEFL Registration & Draft
To register for the 2020 Umpire Ejection Fantasy League, please indicate your desired username and e-mail address, the combination of which shall serve as user verification. Pursuant to Rules 4-7 and 6-1, users must be logged in to initiate challenges. The UEFL uses DISQUS for this purpose. To register, view any post on the website and scroll to the comments section. Click the "Join the discussion" text box and a variety of sign in options will appear. You can sign in with Facebook, Twitter or Google, or create an account with DISQUS. Your DISQUS sign in (whether Facebook, Twitter, Google or DISQUS itself) must match your UEFL username.

The "pick a name" option on the right side of the DISQUS display will not be valid for the purposes of registration or filing a challenge.

If you have already registered this year and are returning to draft umpires in phases, you must use the same username and e-mail address combination given at registration, so as to verify your identity/ownership. This form is due no later than Wednesday, March 25, 2020.
Indicate Your Username *
First log into DISQUS, as described above. Then type that username here.
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Used solely for verification purposes in the event of a draft discrepancy. If you wish to sign up for the UEFL Digest weekly newsletter, visit this link: https://closecallsports.us10.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=c4e6b775a8bb09ef8d4466d38&id=1b908a3e57
Have you participated in the UEFL before?
Clear selection
2020 Draft
Use the following section to draft your umpires. You may select your umpires at registration, or opt to draft in phases. If you are drafting in phases, select "N/A" for any position you are not selecting at the present time. Note the following deadlines. Any drafted crew that is incomplete by 11:59pm Pacific Time on March 25 will be subject to random assignment.

Registration - March 25, 2020 (Wednesday).
Primary and Secondary Umpires - March 25, 2020 (Wednesday).
Crew Chiefs - March 25, 2020 (Wednesday).
Opening Day - March 26, 2020 (Thursday)
Crew Chief
Select one umpire from the list below to serve as your Crew Chief.
Primary Umpire #1
Selection for Primary Umpire #1. Can be the same as Crew Chief.
Primary Umpire #2
Selection for Primary Umpire #2. Must be different than Primary Umpire #1.
Secondary Umpire #1
Selection for Secondary Umpire #1. Must be different than Primary Umpire #1 and Primary Umpire #2.
Secondary Umpire #2
Selection for Secondary Umpire #2. Must be different than Primary Umpire #1, Primary Umpire #2, and Secondary Umpire #1.
Additional Comments, Requests, Etc.
Optional. Use this section to indicate a replacement/change of a drafted umpire, etc.
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