Wom*n's Mentorship Expressions-of-Interest
This is the Expression-of-Interest form for the ANU Debating Society's Wom*n's Mentorship Program.

In this program, we match up a group of younger/less-experienced debaters with some of our incredible older non cis-male debaters to gain experience, confidence and create a valuable support network within their debating community. This form is for those newer debaters who have not YET attended Worlds or Australs as debaters (totally fine if you are planning on doing so this year/in the future).

This year, we'll be doing groups of younger debaters with each pro (rather than 1-on-1, as in the past). So once groups have been assigned, your pro will make a Facebook chat with all of you to organise your first meet up!

An anonymous feedback form will open once meetings start for you to suggest improvements/concerns you have with the program during or after its completion.

Feel free to ask me (Eli Madar) any questions in person, or on Facebook, or email me at eli.madar@unyouth.org.au <3
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