2020 BHoF Legends Challenge Submission Form
Please make sure you have read the Legends Challenge Policies & Procedures before filling out this application:

All funds donated to the Legends Challenge (LC) will go into a general pool that will be used to help offset BHoF Legends’ expenses as laid out in the Legends Policies & Protocol, which assists burlesque legends to attend the 2020 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Because charitable contribution law does not allow donations to be earmarked for specific individuals, funds donated through the LC can WILL NOT BE EARMARKED for a specific Legend. If you would like to host a fundraising event for a specific Legend, PLEASE DO!!! BHoF encourages, supports, and thanks your efforts to assist any Legend, but the event will need to take place outside of the official BHoF Legends Challenge as an individual separate fundraiser.

Any questions or concerns, please contact GiGi La Femme, Legends Challenge Coordinator, at challenge@burlesquehall.com

To submit your event for consideration to become a Burlesque Hall of Fame Legends Challenge Event please fill out the form below.
I Have Read, Understand and Agree to the Legends Challenge Policies & Procedures Posted on the BHoF Website * info at http://bhofweekend.com/support/legends-challenge/ *
I Understand Funds donated to the BHoF Legends Challenge will go into a general pool that will help cover all legends expenses for the BHoF Weekender *
And I understand that funds donated through the LC can NOT BE EARMARKED for a specific Legend
Contact Name *
Contact Email *
Legal Name or Company Name responsible for the Donation *
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Name We Should Use to Credit Legends Challenge Event *
Individual name, troupe name, city name, whatever you want posted when we thank you online!
Full Name of Event *
Ex: The Legends Challenge Luncheon: a benefit for The Burlesque Hall of Fame
Date of Event *
If you do not have an exact date, please give your best estimation. It can be changed later by contacting the Legends Challenge Coordinator at challenge@burlesquehall.com
City, State of Event *
Venue/ Location of Event *
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Where Can People Go to Get More Info? *
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Fundraising Goal *
Realistic estimates are much appreciated. We base our budget on these predictions so though we want you to aim for the sky we also don't want to be expecting a whole lot more money in than we actually end up getting.
Date When You Will Be Sending Funds Raised to BHoF? *
Approximate date so we know about when to expect it
How Will You Be Sending you Donation to BHoF? *
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