End of Year Survey
Ms Korver taught me:
Was grade 6 a good year for you?
In grade 6, I got enough help and assistance to understand my assignments.
Ms. Korver believes in second chances.
Ms. Korver believes it is okay to make mistakes.
Ms. Korver respected me.
Ms. Korver gave me enough time to complete my work.
I feel prepared for grade 7 next year.
What projects/assignment did you like the MOST? Why? (Think of specific ones, not just subjects)
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What projects/assignments did you like the LEAST? Why? (Think of specific ones, not just subjects)
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How have you grown as a learner this year?
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What would you change about the way our classroom is set up? What would you keep?
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What classroom routines/rules did you like? Did you NOT like? (Examples: daily schedule on the board, number signs for bathroom/water, mystery student, hangman, go noodle, mystery garbage, schedule for breakout room/couch, kahoot, etc.)
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What is your favourite memory of grade 6?
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What should Ms. Korver do with her grade 7 and 9 classes next year? What should she NOT do?
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Is there anything else I need to know?
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I will remember to press submit at the end of this survey- otherwise I will lose ALL of my answers and have to do it again.
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