Amoeba Sisters YouTube Video Subtitle Translations
YouTube announced that it would no longer support community-contributed subtitles on Sept. 28, 2020. We have greatly relied on our amazing community for helping us crowd-source translations of our already created video transcripts. We wanted to provide a way to still accept (and appreciate!) subtitles submitted in different languages by our amazing community.

THANK YOU for considering to help us reach others! We know that translating takes a LOT of time and work, and we can't thank our community enough.
The agreements below are designed to be similar to how the YouTube community contribution feature worked, which was in effect until September 28, 2020.
Subtitle contributors are VOLUNTEERS who help us communicate science in other languages. Contributors are not paid. We greatly appreciate our contributors, and we often mention when there are new translations to our community. *
Following Google and YouTube account terms, I certify I am age 13 or above. *
Translations submitted and approved in this form will be placed publicly on the Amoeba Sisters YouTube video so that viewers can select that language (example: Spanish) and see those subtitles. *
The Amoeba Sisters will check that subtitles do not contain foul language and that content follows along with video content before posting subtitles. *
You can choose to remain anonymous or be credited in the video details. You can also ask us to remove the subtitles at any time. *
Translating subtitles does NOT grant any video ownership or rights associated with the video. *
I agreed to the terms above and here is my signed name (printed below). Note: This does not have to be the name that is published as the credit. We will ask for that towards the bottom of this form. *
Select a video from our playlist.
Please check that the language doesn't already exist on the video you selected. Some of our videos and have many different translations already available thanks to our amazing community with the community-contributed subtitle feature. BELOW IS A QUICK, SILENT VIDEO SHOWING HOW TO SEE IF THE LANGUAGE EXISTS.
If the language doesn't exist for the video you selected, we'd LOVE your help to translate! BELOW IS A SILENT VIDEO SHOWING HOW TO OBTAIN OUR VIDEO TRANSCRIPT. Please don't delete the timestamps when you copy and paste it into a word processing program! You may want to click on the video to see it in full screen.
Please paste in the entire translated transcript below INCLUDING the timestamps. Remember to NOT delete the timestamps! *
What language are the subtitles you just pasted in? *
How would you like to be credited? *
If you selected for us to place the credit in the video description, please write exactly how you would like that credit to appear. Please note we cannot use hyperlinks as credits. If you selected to remain anonymous, just leave blank.
OPTIONAL: If you would like to provide an email for us to contact you if we have any questions, you can insert it below. This is optional. You can always email us at if you have any questions or if a week has passed and you do not yet see the subtitles you submitted published.
Due to the number of requests, it may take up to a week before we are able to publish subtitles. You should see them on the channel and if you selected to be credited by us in the description, it should be in the video's description (you will need to click "show more") to view. You can contact us if there is a concern or if you do not see them. *
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