Input from members and community to inform our 2020 strategic planning
The Assistive Technology Alliance New Zealand (ATANZ) is meeting to update our strategic plan. We would love your input to guide us as we plan for the future.

Our current vision is for every New Zealander who needs assistive technology to have access to excellent services and support.

Our current mission is to promote assistive technology by ensuring quality assistive technology service provision through the establishment and monitoring of best practice assistive technology standards.

Our most recent strategic plan (2016) can be read here -

Our mission of ATANZ extends beyond supporting our members, and thus we are equally open to feedback and suggestions from users, therapists, and the many people and organisations we collaborate with.

Please let us know your thoughts by 28 July at 6 pm.

If you only have 30 seconds, we would love your thoughts on the following 4 questions:
What are your top 1-3 priorities for ATANZ to focus on for the next 5-15 years?
What do you think are the most pressing challenges or barriers to achieving the priorities you listed?
Were you aware that ATANZ provides two funding grants, one for PD and one for research?
Clear selection
Did you know that ATANZ has equipment to support CAT-1 assessments trial?
Clear selection
Our trial equipment list can be found here: Is there any additional equipment or resources you would like to see in the trial pool?
If you have a few more minutes, could you answer the following questions as well?
Looking to the future, how would your rate the following priority areas:
0 Not a priority
1 Somewhat important
2 Important
3 Top Priority
Elevating the skills of assistive technology practitioners by organising high quality professional development opportunities
Raising community awareness and the profile of assistive technology
Becoming the nationally recognised authority on assistive technology and related issues
Advocacy around policy decisions related to assistive technology practice
Advocacy around equity of access to assistive technology
Establishing and monitoring best practice by developing and maintaining assistive technology standards
Maintaining a pool of resources for members to access for trial and assessment purposes
Other priorities for you:
Is there anything you'd like ATANZ to do more of, do less of, or do differently?
What do you most value about ATANZ?
Looking to 2021, are there any topics or presenters you'd like ATANZ to approach regarding in-person or virtual professional development? This can include PD you have found valuable in the past and would like to see repeated for others.
My connection to assistive technology (multiple answers allowed):
If there is anything else you want to add, feel free to add it here or email us at
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