Badmintonphoto Contract 2017 - World Championships
This is a contract for all players wishing to benefit from Badmintonphoto's services during the World Championships in Glasgow in August 2017

This contract offers you to use our images for the following :

• Post live on Facebook, twitter, social networks
• Use on your official website
• Use for post cards, autograph cards, flyers, posters
• Search for sponsors
• Print for yourself, or for your family (high resolution images)
• Give to media for them to use for free (with copyright mentioned)

This is what you CAN NOT DO with this pack:
• Give/sell to any third parties, including clubs, federations, sponsors (except Media)

In any case, our images can not be given/sold to third parties (except media). All images must be used with our copyright mentioned, and all images used on social networks will be used with the integrated logo (watermark)

If you have any questions, send us an email :

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ex. : Peter Gade
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ex.: 17 Friedrichshafen, Copenhagen 4222 Denmark
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Please click all the above boxes to follow the rules of the contract with Badmintonphoto *
By checking this box, I agree to follow the conditions of the contract : I can use BP's images for my social network, for prints, for my official website, for media, posters and postcards and for my own promotion but I can not give it to any other third parties (No commercial use by brands and sponsors). I will use BP's images in low resolution with logo on my social network pages and mention BP's copyright in all other cases. I agree to pay the sum of 229 euros (single) or 329 euros (pair) for this service.
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