Audition Form NZYSW 2019
NZYSW, in its sixth year, is the leading concert band for young people aged under 25. It is an initiative of New Zealand Concert Bands Association.

MD for 2019 is Kevin Cameron, a highly experienced musical director and educator from Melbourne (Geelong).

Age must be 24 or under as of January 1, 2019. It is expected that an approximate level of Grade 7 NZMEB/ABRSM/Trinity or equivalent is the minimum playing standard.

Summer Event: Will be in Auckland, Wednesday January 23 to Saturday January 26. Three nights.
Winter Event: Thursday July 4 in Christchurch, finishing July 7th. Three nights.

Musicians are expected to participate in both Summer and Winter Events. Exceptions to this will be considered based on available instrumentation, reason for absence, past commitment to NZYSW.

NZCBA is committed to ensuring the cost of NZYSW is as low as possible. In 2019, the membership fee will be $450. This will include accommodation, most food, costs associated with Musical Director/chaperones/managers, venue hire, concerts, percussion hire, buses, music, etc. Musicians are responsible for travel to and from their home and the rehearsal venue.

Cost will be $250 for anyone accepted to one event only.

A deposit of $200 is required upon acceptance of a position.

Full payment is required by early January 2019. Reimbursements will not be made for musicians who find themselves unable to attend for any reason other than bereavement or medical emergencies.

Closing Date for Auditions: October 31, 2019

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Audition Requirements
Each musician is required to submit a film/video of themselves performing on each instrument on which they wish to audition. The video must not be edited, though separate videos may be submitted for different instruments. Don't worry about your hair either....we just want to hear your music! But take care not to obscure your face and hands.

*State your name clearly, first and last, slowly.

*Play all excerpts assigned for your instrument first. The bars required from each piece can be found in the file name. Play these as one take eg no stopping and starting. These excerpts can be found at the following url:

*Perform one other piece (or part thereof) of your choice: please, no longer than 3 minutes. This can be with or without accompaniment, but must be completed in one take.

Load your performance onto your drive (google, drop box etc) and provide the url here. Please ensure you allow access to us in the privacy settings.

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Second Instrument if auditioning for piccolo, Eb Clarinet, etc, or if auditioning on two completely different instruments.
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What do you 'do' during the days: high school, uni, work etc. Fill us in on this part of your life. *
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Did you play for NZYSW in 2016 or 2017 or 2018?
Code of Conduct: All members of NZYSW will be required to follow the Code of Conduct. *
Applicants who are under 18 must provide a parent's name and email. This email will be added to the group email and these parents will be kept informed. Musicians over 18 are welcome to provide a parent email address if they would like.
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