High Stakes Lion's RP Whitelist Application Form
In this application we will be looking for originality and experience. New players are always welcome. This server is not anything like GTA Online, we are not looking for people whose only idea of RP is to kill other players constantly or break server rules. We take this server seriously and anyone failing to follow the rules will be banned accordingly. Please take your time to fill this out properly. One word answers will not be accepted.

Server Rules: http://www.highstakesrp.com/server-rules.html

Community Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17xaKrdV6aaPiCOTSntMryRZzsv9sLXu7kcguHi5hoGg/edit?usp=sharing

After reading and understanding the rules above please fill this application out truthfully. None of the information given will be shared with the community, we just use this to better understand who you are and where you are from. Providing your email allows you to choose to have your answers emailed back to you in the chance you need to re-do the application, or to remember your answers later. We will NEVER share this information with a third-party.
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