Hello! Thank you so much for showing interest in reading Benched and sharing your review with the world - eek!

Please make sure to read all the information before completing your sign up!

I am doing ARC signs ups for Benched as a way to build some talk about it before it comes out. If you are a book review, bookstagrammer, blogger or booktuber, this is a definite plus and I will be looking at that closely. It is NOT requirement, however. If you are able to review on GoodReads, Amazon and other retailers, that is a huge, huge plus!

I will offering mostly e-ARCs and a select amount of physical ARCs. Your best option when it comes to receiving an ARC is to choose no preference below. Those receiving physical ARCs may also receive e-ARCs as well.

Please keep in mind that physical ARCs will NOT be final copies. These will be proofs and so they may have slight differences from the final copies.

All ARCs will be available at the end of July or early August. E-ARCs will be sent immediately.

I ask that only positive reviews be posted PRIOR to the book being released. If you didn't like the book, that is ABSOLUTELY okay, I do not expect everyone to love the book but I do ask that you wait until AFTER the book is published to share your review.

**Please keep in mind that filling out this form does not guarantee you an ARC for Benched**

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email - I'm happy to answer any questions you might have or add them at the end of this form below.

You can read more about Benched on GoodReads -
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