Gatekeepers and Equity: Problems and Solutions
Definition of gatekeeper:
A person in a position of power in which they decide (alone or with a committee) what voices to showcase, or who receives an opportunity.

Definition of equity:
Fairness or justice in the way people are treated. Below I've placed a cartoon that quickly shows the basic difference between equality and equity.

With this anonymous survey I'm aiming to scout out and subsequently share solutions to some everyday problems we all face. In trying to create more equitable environments in the new music and academic worlds, what do we wish we or others had done differently? What do we lack that we need?

Sharing this information with each other can help us to constantly push towards equity. To me, saving face cannot be the goal. Equity is the goal.

- Elisabeth Blair

Interaction Institute for Social Change | Artist: Angus Maguire
Please select each of the "gatekeeper" roles you've occupied at one time or another.
Looking back on these roles, can you think of a time when you or someone working alongside you was shortsighted, or less than ideal in terms of prioritizing inclusivity? Please describe the situation. Think about outreach (diversifying applicant pools) as well as evaluation, and think about gender, race, age, sexuality, nationality, class, religion, language abilities, able vs otherly-abled.
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What would have been needed to approach this situation in a better, more inclusive way? Think of things like: more power to make decisions, more peer support, job security, more time, money, role models, information, advice, experience. Think about practicalities ("I would have needed a list of works for clarinet by composers of color") as well as more personal stuff ("I would have needed to know my colleagues would have my back if I spoke up," or "I would have needed more life experience").
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Any other thoughts/experiences to share?
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Thank you for taking the time to think about these issues and share your experiences!
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