Survey | Brittani Scott
What are some of the things you struggle with most in your music department?
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What kind of material would you like to see covered?
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What's the hardest thing for you to deal with on a weekly basis?
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What one thing would make your life as a music director much easier?
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If you could change anything about music ministry, what would it be?
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Do you currently use apps and/or social media in your music department?
(Onsong, Facebook, Dropbox, Planning Center Online, etc.)
Is your music department paperless?
How do you feel when you leave rehearsals/practices?
How many musicians are on your team?
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How do you feel about working with other musicians?
How many praise singers are on your team?
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Do you have a chorale or choir?
How do you feel about teaching vocal parts?
Are you interested in starting a songwriting team for your church?
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