TRANS-公式カタログ 予約・注文フォーム / TRANS- Official Catalogue Order Form
こちらは、2019年秋に神戸で開催されたアート・プロジェクトKOBE2019:TRANS- の

 料金【例】:2,570円 ※1冊の場合

Here you can purchase an official catalogue of Art Project KOBE 2019: TRANS- held in autumn 2019.

[Price] 2,200 yen
[Size] A4
[Volume] 96 pages
[Type] Paper back

Please fill in all the items below. [Due date: 13th (Fri) December]

-All the given personal data is used only for the shipping of the catalogue.
-Shipping fee will be announced after your order is completed.
-Shipping will be done after the payment procedure with the postal money order has been completed.
*Costs for the purchase and the posting of the postal money order document are on the customer.
-After receiving your order, the organizing committee will inform you of the total fee and the address.
-Shipping will be proceeded within 2 weeks from the arrival of the postal document.
申込日 / Application date *
申込部数 / Number of books *
申込者氏名(漢字)/ Family name *
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申込者氏名(ひらがな)/ First name *
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カタログ送付先(郵便番号)/ Postal code *
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カタログ送付先(住所)/ Destination Address *
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申込者連絡先(電話番号)/ Phone number *
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