'Women Of Year' (WOY-2020) - Hegemonic Research Survey
Upon further mental probing, a new turn of acuity in the road speculates an acute interest; women risk-taking! Since there are a limited number of women that compete side-by-side in male hegemonic race car driving, one must venture to think, what are some of the relevant issues they face today in motorsports, and including women in other male-dominated fields?

Accordingly, after this information has been initially generated the following will take place: data is collected, reviewed pre-survey and the most poignant issue will indicate the dominate topic to deeply explore further in an official survey, which will preface an extension of the upcoming Research Study Titled: WOMEN OF YEAR (WOY): CAR CHIX COMPETING IN MOTORSPORTS & WOMEN IN OTHER MALE HEGEMONIC FIELDS.

Dr. Cecilia Brantley is inviting “ALL-FEMALE” Fans and Followers of CAR CHIX, INC. and all other females that work in male hegemonic professions to have their voice heard and documented in the largest investigative study of this kind in history! If you are actively involved in the motorsports industry or any other male-dominated field, you meet the criteria to participate in this survey. We want this empirical outcome to launch the pinnacle research on what’s the next challenged-topic for women performing in such type of environments.

The Car Chix organization (President Jeanette DesJardins) was chosen because of its significant brand: “The Premier Motorsports Organization for Women”, which boasts a database of 50,000+. Consequently, this signifies excellent anticipation of learning rich seminal knowledge to advance academic pros and cons in literature. Ultimately, your voice will be an atlas for other females that are already –or–considering partaking in the exciting field of Motorsports as well as any other male-dominated Sports Field Dimensions and Business Career Professions (i.e., Basketball, Boxing, Police Officer, Construction, Hockey, X-Treme Sports, NFL-NBA Referee, Fire Fighter, Military Combat or High Rank Officer, etc.).

Survey takes approximately 12 mins. to complete. Thanks in advance for your time!
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