Touch&Play 2018 - Waiting List
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We will do our best to give everyone their 1st or 2nd choice. Intensives will fill on a first come first served basis.
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Please write in the total amount that you commit to paying on the above sliding scales. If you are workstudy, staff or have a special financial arrangement please put amount you have arranged or TBD. To apply for workstudy please complete this registration form and then additionally fill out the Work-study request form here: . For more info or work-study questions email
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Be aware that your spot is not reserved until we receive your $200 deposit. We expect the festival to be full with a waiting list so don't delay :)
Diversity Scholarship Donation
We would be grateful for any additional amount you can pledge to support our efforts to assist POC and LGBTQ participants to attend. (Write in pledge amount below and add this amount to your $200 deposit with a note "plus diversity donation" in your Paypal or check payment) Thanks!!
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Interested in offering anything at the event?
Use the space below to describe your offering/s (unpaid). In addition to the official teachers we offer this opportunity if you have a desire to share something with the community. We will consider what fits within the theme, structure and timing of the festival and If we are interested in your offering we'll be in touch!
BELOW - Please let us know - 1. if you are a medical doctor/counselor/therapist or crisis intervention specialist and don't mind having your name on a list that only the organizers would have access to in case of an emergency. 2. if you feel you have listening skills in crisis intervention and would be interested in/available to be asked to join the T&P safety & respect support team. You would be asked to arrive a few hours early on July 10 for an orientation meeting and to be available during the festival. If you are on this team you can always reserve the right to say "not now" and refer to another volunteer or set another time to listen.
Our festival does not discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. In order to track the effectiveness of our diversity outreach and ensure we consider the needs of all our participants, please consider answering the three following optional questions (answers will be held in strict confidentiality):
What is your gender identity?: (Optional - select all that apply)
What is your Sexual Orientation?: (Optional - select all that apply)
What is your racial identity?: (Optional - select all that apply)
Are there any other identities that feel important for you to share? (cultural, relationship lifestyle, queer, preferred pronouns, etc...)
Allergies / Dietary Needs
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