2019 WAC Guest Survey
Thank you for attending the 2019 World Affairs Challenge! We hope you had as much fun at the event as we did!

WAC wants to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our logistics and content. Please complete this quick survey and let us know your thoughts.

1. Overall, how satisfied were you with the WAC event at the Tivoli/King Center this year? *
Not very
Very much
2. Do you have any recommendations for us to improve the event experience for you?
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3. How satisfied were you with the following elements of the WAC event day? *
1 = Very dissatisfied 5 = Very satisfied
Location (Tivoli Turnhalle)
King Center Classrooms
Event Schedule
Keynote Speaker (Mandy Manning)
Formal Presentation Experience
Collaborative Question Experience
Food (breakfast & lunch)
Connections/ Networking Opportunities
Communication with WAC staff
4. Would you recommend WAC to others? *
5. Would you attend WAC again next year? *
6. Do you have connections or ideas for WAC to increase it's participation base that you'd be willing to share in a follow-up conversation? If yes, please write how to best contact you.
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7. Are you interested in pledging a financial contribution to help WAC expand its reach across Colorado and nationwide?
8. If you pledged a financial contribution above (thank you for your generosity), please tell us your name and email so we can follow-up.
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9. Are you a parent of a WAC participant? If yes, please indicate the school/student name.
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