2019 – General Class License Course Registration Form
This FREE 10-week course is by the Northern Illinois Training and Testing (NIARTT). This General Course although geared for licensed Hams who want to upgrade - you do NOT need to be licensed to attend. If you're interested in becoming an Amateur (Ham) Radio operator, you are Welcome to attend. (if unlicensed, you'll need to pass the Technician exam before taking the General exam). There is No Age limit to attend. (we do request minor students have an adult attend class too).

2019 - General Class License Training Course Information:
DATES & TIMES: Saturday – September 21 -thru- November 23 – 9 AM -to- 12 Noon
COURSE LOCATION: Golden Corral in Aurora - 4270 E New York St, Aurora, IL 60504

Textbook is the "ARRL General Class License manual 9th Edition". It can be purchases online at: ARRL www.arrl.com or at Amazon or Kindle. The ARRL URL: http://www.arrl.org/shop/ARRL-General-Class-License-Manual-9th-Edition/

Course includes presentations, group participation, independent read/study and interactive web tools. Last week is VE Test exam. If you attend weekly classes, study and follow our guidelines, this course provides the knowledge and information needed to pass the General license exam.

The contact information you provide here will remain Private! It will NOT be shared. We request it only for the use by the NIARTT class coordinators to contact you regarding class scheduling purposes, and to send out class material.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requires registration to take any Amateur Radio License Exams. If you do NOT already have an FRN (FCC Registration Number) you'll need to register for one to complete registration.

For concerns or questions – Contact the NIARTT Team – our email: NIARTT.73@gmail.com
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Although all age groups are welcome to attend this class. We need to ask - Are you over 18 years old? *
What is your FCC FRN number? *
The FCC requires you to have an "FCC Registration Number" or FRN, in order to take any Amateur Radio License Exams. IF - You ARE a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator – You already have an FRN and you can find it on your FCC License. IF - You ARE NOT a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator, (Unlicensed/Non-HAM) – You will need to go through a short registration process on the FCC website, to obtain your FRN (FCC Registration Number) from the FCC. You MUST have an FCC FRN - BEFORE you can continue this Training Course Registration. (see instructions below). 1– (if a licensed Ham, your FRN is on your FCC license). 2 – (if unlicensed, see below to register for your FCC FRN).
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Instructions How To – Register for your FCC FRN

Go to the FCC website at: – https://apps.fcc.gov/coresWeb/regEntityType.do
–> Select: "Individual" Bullet Point –> Click: "Continue"

Fill Out the Form: "Register a Domestic individual" (pictured below).
–> INCLUDE: Your Email Address on form. (for the FRN to be emailed to you, handy for exams).

Type in your FCC FRN – in Answer Field space ABOVE.
EXAMPLE - FCC FRN FORM: Used to Register for FCC FRN - (note: location to add email address)
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Contact Us:
Thank you for registering for the NIARTT – General Class License Training Course.
If you have any questions or concerns – Please contact the NIARTT Team.
– our email: NIARTT.73@gmail.com

Thank You for your time. See you at the training course!

– The NIARTT Team
Lance Clarke – W9QB
Cyndi M Gillies – K9NAX
Pat Smith – N9TBD

NIARTT website: www.NIARTT.org
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