Princeton Sustainable Investment Petition
The scientific consensus around the issue of climate change and its adverse global effects has been reiterated many times, most recently at the Paris Climate Conference. 195 countries have committed to reduce emissions over an established timeframe, something that can only be accomplished if we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. In order to limit the environmental ramifications that will occur if our current consumption habits continue, private organizations must help shift the economic circumstances that allow imprudent fossil fuel use to continue. Part of this transition can occur if leading institutions commit to remove investments from the companies that have willfully ignored scientific evidence before them and continued their harmful practices. Coal in particular is the most carbon-intensive fossil fuel and produces many other pollutants such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides. In addition, recent regulations restricting coal production and usage have made it a poor financial investment. Fossil fuel investments are currently misvalued because they do not account for their environmental damages. The divestment process will increase public discourse on campus and in the wider community around the scientific, economic, and environmental problems associated with fossil fuels.

Thus, the Princeton Sustainable Investment Initiative demands that the University:
1. Immediately remove its holdings in all coal extraction companies, and
2. Commit to a gradual reduction and eventual end to its investments in all other fossil fuels.

If Princeton is to claim its place as a leading institution in climate change research, it must first stop financing the very processes its professors and students are working to change. Only with an institutional shift in its approach to investment will Princeton be truly committed to sustainability and combatting climate change.

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