W&P Virtual Ringing Room Practices
To help us with allocating people to the breakout rooms, please answer the questions below
Your name? *
e.g. John Smith
Your District? *
Home tower?
Amount of Ringing Room experience? *
Very experienced
Which breakout rooms would you be interested in? *
We will not run these every session. Which ones we actually run will depend on which ones are popular
Willing to act as helper
Introduction to Ringing Room for non users
Beginners (e.g. Call-changes, Plain hunt)
Improvers (Plain Bob & Grandsire Doubles)
Intermediate (Beyond PB & Grandsire Doubles)
Advanced (e.g Surprise methods)
Introduction to handbell ringing (two handed) Plain hunt positions
Improvers handbell ringing (e.g. Plain Bob Minor)
Calling bobs in PB and Grandsire Doubles
Which dates do you plan to attend? *
Don't worry if your availability changes. We can cope with this on the day, but it helps to know who is likely to be present
23 Jan
6th Feb
20th Feb
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