We would love to understand how to better get you connected with the boys at The Shepherd Center as well as provide you with updates. Please take a few minutes and fill out this quick survey to give us an understanding of how we can better serve you.

Please note that the information in this survey is solely for the purpose of The Shepherd Center and is kept confidential and not shared with any other individuals or organizations.
General Questions
Please complete all questions and explain why when noted. Thank you!
How did you first learn about The Shepherd Center (TSC)?
What is your preferred method(s) to receive updates on The Shepherd Center?
Which social media channels do you use on a regular (daily or weekly) basis?
How often would you like to hear updates about the boys at The Shepherd Center?
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What types of updates would you like to hear about TSC or your sponsored child?
In what ways are you currently or willing to support The Shepherd Center in the future?
Currently Supporting
Willing to Support in the Future
Non-Designated Gifts
Child Sponsorship
Special Projects/Matching Gifts Donor
Telling Friends/Family/Church Members
Visiting the Boys in Uganda
Please tell us why you support The Shepherd Center?
How well do you understand the way The Shepherd Center uses your donations?
Not Very Well
Extremely Well
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How likely are you to recommend The Shepherd Center to your friends or family?
Not Very Likely
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How interested and able are you to come to Uganda to visit The Shepherd Center in person?
Interested, but not able
Extremely interested and able
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Which statement best describes your response to attend TSC’s 10th Anniversary Celebration as part of a 1-2 weeks sponsored trip in mid-May, 2021? (cost per person TBD)
No thanks, not interested
Would love to go - sign me up!
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Please tell us what you think The Shepherd Center could do to better improve communication with its supporters and/or churches?
How we can we best assist you in sharing The Shepherd Center with your church, family and friends?
What other comments or feedback would you like to share regarding The Shepherd Center’s ministry, staff or boys?
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