AP Seminar Application for 2019-20 Year
AP Seminar is meant to provide a basis of skills to help you be successful in future AP Courses. It is also the first course in the AP Capstone Program, which requires you to take 6 AP Courses including AP Seminar and AP Research during your High School Career.

What do I learn and do in AP Seminar?

For the first half of the year, you will build analysis and communication skills while learning about a diverse set of topics like the gridded paintings of Chuck Close, the science of mirrors, the discovery of fission and the making of the atomic bomb, gentrification, women in science, and more! While you learn about these things, you read challenging texts, participate in debates and socratic seminars, give presentations to your peers, and write research papers. Starting in January, you will complete 2 research projects, one in a group and one independently.

If you want more information look here: https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/apcourse/ap-seminar

Please complete this form to express interest in the course. Admissions will be based on your reasons for taking the course and your 9th grade GPA.
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AP Seminar is very much about interdisciplinary learning. This means you get the chance to deeply explore in areas you feel confident and intrigued with and you get exposure to areas that have been challenging or that you know little about so far.
What are some topics that you have enjoyed, been challenged by, hope to learn more about, or already feel like an expert in? *Please answer these question in full sentences and explain why you feel these ways about the topics you’ve listed.
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AP Seminar requires full engagement in intensive group research projects. Please describe how you work in a group, and what strategies you have to address challenges in groups. *
AP Seminar requires students to manage their time well, engaging fulling in long-term, multi-step projects. Please describe the strategies you use for time management, motivation, and your areas for growth. *
We will look at your 9th grade transcript to make decisions about admissions into the course. Is there anything you would like us to know to help better understand your grades this year?
What else would you like us to know about you? You can write about your career goals, the things you do in your spare time, or anything else you think would reveal something about who you are.
Every student in AP Seminar makes some pretty big commitments! Please check all of the requirements below to indicate that you agree to them. I agree to... *
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