Social Popup Markets Industry Survey
Not all VWOs are equal.

(Voluntary Welfare Organisations - VWOs, who may or may not be officially registered as Charities under the Singapore Laws).

TGIF Bazaars is conducting a 6 months survey to support voluntary welfare organisations that we are helping through our social market programs. This survey covers both shoppers and merchants. We hope to obtain a sample population of 1000 responses as the sample size for the data to be reflective.

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions, we hope that you would provide your honest opinions and points of views.

Definition of 'Popup Markets' : Flea markets, bazaars, weekend markets, farmer's markets,artisan markets, night markets (Pasar Malam), festive markets such as the Hari Raya bazaars are included in our definition of 'Popup markets'. Morning 'yellow box' markets or wet markets are not included in this.

For authentication and verification purposes we ask for your email addresses.

Generic Questions GQ refers to questions that are for both Shoppers and Vendors
Shopper Questions SQ are questions related to Shopper habits and preferences
Merchant Questions MQ are questioned related to Verchant habits and preferences

We would like to invite you to answer ALL the questions.

Thank you for taking your time to help with the survey.

Your data is protected under PDPA Laws and will never be shared with any other 3rd party.

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GQ : Do you think that VWOs should also be able to help themselves in addition to receiving donations from the Public?
GQ : Have you ever shopped at or participated in a popup market as a merchant? *
SQ : What do you like to see at popup markets in Singapore? (Your answer need not be confined to products) *
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SQ: What did you buy at popup markets in Singapore? (You can describe up to 5 items) *
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SQ : If you had bought something at the popup markets before, what products or services did you purchase and how much did you spend?
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SQ: What do you think that VWOs should be selling and why?
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SQ : Do you make your purchases online? (by purchase we mean paying for products and/or services online. Shopping online means browsing and researching for information) *
GQ : If 'Yes' to the above question, please name three items that you bought recently in the past 3 months.
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MQ : Merchants, which of the following do you prefer to participate in? *
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