MO Book Challenge 2018 Scoring!
Fill out as many answers as you can to maximize your scoring potential. The 2018 season is for items blogged about between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018.
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Are you reporting for a full year? *
If no, we will be in touch with you to figure out how to prorate your scores.
How many people are on your team?
Blogged once? Congrats, you are on the team. So total number of people who blogged at least 1 time.
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How many employees does your library/library district have?
Large systems, feel free to estimate.
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TEAM - Total books read.
Only books you blog about count.
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TEAM - Total pages read.
Once again, need to have blogged about these pages.
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TOP reader - Page average
Highest page average reader. Total pages divided by total books (for the season). What is their name and page average - this person has to have blogged about a minimum of 10 books.
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TOP reader - Number of books
Who read the most books? Give their name and total number of books.
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Top reader - Number of pages
Who read the most pages? Their name and total here.
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Total books read with a title that include a person's name.
Team total - how many books that include the name of a person in the title?
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Total books that feature a pirate.
Team total - how many books did you read in this category?
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How many of your team members are left-handed?
Team total - aka sinistrality = preference for using the left hand.
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