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Based on your experience and qualifications, which category do you feel you would be best suited to facilitate? Supplemental Education - Parent or School Based. Supplemental Education will be based on work assigned either by the student’s school or parents. Supplemental education will require students to relay their required materials to their tutor and for the tutor to determine the best strategy to help the student understand the material and complete the assignment. Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies. Grades 1-12. 1- on 1 classroom sessions. Enrichment Education - enrichment education programs will be based on curriculum assigned by the tutors, based on their own experience and interests. These programs are meant to stimulate students and to act as extracurricular and fun mental reprieves for students during quarantine. They can be educationally based but also entertaining 1:12 class ratio. Violence Intervention & Prevention Programs are community outreach and prevention based programs that cover a wide variety of topics including professionalism, mental health, and relationships. 1:12 class ratio. *
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