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A two week exercise in clean eating.
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I am choosing to follow this detox diet on my own accord. I understand that I will be limiting the variety of foods that I will be eating for a period of two weeks. I understand that there could be risk associated with this. I have spoken with my doctor, if necessary, who has approved my participation in this program. I acknowledge and assume the risk and, in the event of bodily injury, release any claim against Linda Tighe, All Well Breaks Loose. I will not hold the aforementioned parties liable for such injury. I understand that this program is not recommended if I have any of the following conditions: pregnancy, nursing, underweight, insulin dependent diabetes, or advanced kidney or heart disease. If I have an eating disorder, I am participating under medical supervision.As a participant in this program you will receive printed and emailed, copy righted and proprietary materials. I will not reproduce or copy these materials for any reason without the express written consent of Tighe LLC. I consent to public knowledge of my participation in this program via the email support provided.I have read, understand and accept this agreement with Linda Tighe, All Well Breaks Loose. *
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