Agile Day Atlanta 2020 Speaker Submission
We eagerly anticipate bringing together Agilists from all over the Atlanta Area on Friday, May 8, 2020!

We are now selecting speakers for Agile Day Atlanta 2020 and the deadline for submissions is January 10th, 2020!

Speakers will be selected and announced by January 27, 2020.

Agile Day Atlanta offers an opportunity to bring the Agile community together for a day of inspiring discussions around today’s leading Lean and Agile practices. This year, we will feature a Keynote speaker, followed by sessions that will introduce key information in Lean/Agile content areas presented by agile experts from the Atlanta area. After the sessions, we will hold an open forum for audience members to communicate with the featured speakers.

The objective of Agile Day Atlanta is to bring together a wide range of Agilists, from newcomers to experts, to advance Agile knowledge within Atlanta area.

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Session Tracks
Speaker submissions should be associated with one of these three tracks:

Track 1: Business & Leadership Agility

Leveraging responsive delivery to challenge competitors adapting organizations to meet market needs. This track is targeted toward the stories of success and the methods to get there.

Leadership effectiveness unlocks the potential of their people. Leading to learn to adapt strategy. Creating a shared understanding so that teams of teams know their true north. Leading through change, uncertainty, and market change is difficult. This track contains the stories that create clarity.

Track 2: “Fun”damentals

Great agilists are used to giving the manifesto talk or explaining scrum and Kanban for the first time. Story points! This track is dedicated to fun techniques that breathe fresh air into well known topics. Have fun with it!

Track 3: “Communitize”

Dedicated to the communities that make agile hum. Whether you are using Guilds, Communities of Practice, Meetups, or otherwise, this track is dedicated to how to leverage others to create a community that invests their passion and time to make things better for organizations, causes, and learn in the process.
Approved sessions will receive a complimentary entry to Agile Day Atlanta. Also, Agile Day Atlanta and its affiliates does not plan to offer reimbursements to featured speakers for any travel or presentation expenses they may have.
Session Details
Sessions will be about 60 minutes long. We recommend that speakers share authentic experiences, techniques, and/or relevant insights about specific practice of Agility at any level. We welcome presentation materials as well as hands-on exercises or activities.
Keep in mind:
- Speaker panels are not an advised mode of discourse for this type of event
- This is not a space for presenters to pitch sales for agile products or services
- Presentation content will need to be provided to Agile Day Atlanta Committee at end of event for distribution to attendees
Presenter/Session Information
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Session Title *
Include the name your proposed session. In many cases, this is the “hook” that will attract attendees to your session.
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Session Description *
Provide details on the key points of your session in terms of content. What will you be covering? What are the key principles? Outline the main topics in your session. Include a timeline for the exercise you will be covering if applicable.
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Learning Objectives *
What are the specific takeaways you want your audiences to gain from your session? How will your suggested strategies and/or knowledge improve their world of work?
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Presentation history/speaking experience (yes, rookie speakers are OK!) *
Have you presented on this topic before? If you have, provide descriptions of when and where and provide links to references to your previous work if possible. In the same way, any references to your speaking ability will be considered.
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Target Audience *
Primary level of audience understanding and comprehension that your session is intended for.
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