IFC Change Management Readiness Assessment
The goal and purpose of this self assessment is to help your IFC Board create a plan for implementing a new hard alcohol policy for your fraternity community or to take a policy that might already exist and ensure your IFC Community is equipped to understand and support this policy. But as opposed to just giving you cookie cutter steps of how you might do that, this assessment guides you through a process of first being ready to begin a plan and then leads you to the place to create your change plan for your community.

This tool is best to be worked through as an exec board team, including your IFC advisor. Please be honest with your conversations and with how you feel personally, your opinion is just as valid as the IFC member siting beside you. Take your time and really process the reflection prompts that are provided, they are there to help guide you through the assessment. And, finally, as your team makes your selections in this assessment please ensure that you are keeping the health, safety and wellness of the members of your community at your forefront of every decision you make.

Nothing in this assessment is required to fill out or complete. This tool is truly for you; however, if you would like your responses emailed to you after you've completed the assessment then please leave an email address below. Again, you DO NOT need to entire your email address and should only do so if you want a follow-up copy of this assessment sent to you.
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