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Disclaimer: the submission of responses to this questionnaire form does not create an attorney-client relationship between yourself the client and our law firm. The purpose of this questionnaire is strictly to provide the Law Office of Maximilian Lee with information to consider your case. An attorney-client relationship may only be established through the execution of an engagement agreement with signatures from both the client and the attorney after direct communication. Any responses submitted to us through this form will be kept confidential within our law firm upon receipt and may only be used or shared after obtaining your permission. Please avoid public WiFi access to submit the contents of this form, as your information may not be kept secure or confidential during such transmission.

Please answer the following inquiries to the best of your knowledge, so that we may better assist you during our initial meeting. Prompts with a red asterisk (*) at the end are required to be filled out, while all other questions are optional.

The first couple sections will ask you for some basic contact and personal information, and then we will get into more details regarding your legal matter.

If there are any additional questions or concerns that you would like us to address which have not already been included, please let us know in the final section. A copy of your responses can be sent to your email address provided below upon completion of this form (click the toggle option right before submitting form).

Thank you!
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