MCAC - 2017 Alpha Afternoon Tea Course Guest Registration Form (Date: Sep 16 to Nov 11 & Time: Saturday 3:00 p.m. To 5:00 p.m.)
美城華人宣道會 - 2017 啟發下午茶會課程嘉賓報名表 (日期: 九月十六日至十一月十一日, 逢星期六下午三時至五)
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電話 / 电话 : xxx-xxxxxxx
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嘉宾姓名 : 姓氏,名字
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Is child care required? (age 3 to 11)
是否需要兒護 (3歲到11歲)?
If child care is required, please provide information for each child: (Name, Age, Gender)
如需要兒護服務,請填上小孩 姓名,年齡,性別
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Please list any food allergies for each person, if applicable : Person's Name, kind of food allergies
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Please provide referral's name, if applicable
請提供介紹人姓名 (如果適用)
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How do you know about this Alpha course? e.g from your friend, internet etc
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Course Fee: Free of charge
费用: 免費
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